Why Provide Chat?

There are dozens of live chat providers out there, so as any smart decision maker, you compare.

Compare, We Dare You

In fact, comparing is a good idea and we encourage you to look around at what others offer. That said, we're confident that Provide Chat will do absolutely everything you need at a price that can't be matched. If you're still on the fence, maybe the following will help you answer the question "Why Provide Chat?".

The Philosophy

Most live chat software is too expensive and too complex. Provide Chat is the exact opposite, it's free and easy to set up.

When we first designed Provide Chat we wanted it to be as easy as possible for you to get up and running. From the moment you sign up all you have to do to begin using Provide Chat is copy a few lines of code, and paste these lines into your website. Once done, you'll be ready to chat live with your visitors.

What's more, while a lot of products have many of the same features as Provide Chat, these features are poorly implemented, making them difficult to understand and use. Provide Chat's interface is designed with simplicity in mind. It's extremely easy for anyone to use. Whether you're using it to further customize the application or you have a support team logging in as agents, Provide Chat has a very easy to understand user interface. You and your agents will be using it quickly and easily in a matter of minutes.

Finally, Provide Chat is free.

If you want to get started with with a single agent, just sign up for free and you can use every feature in the application. Many live chat companies charge $30, $40 or even more for just a single agent, and that doesn't even include every feature on offer. Need more agents, simply pay $15 for every additional agent. Simple and easy to use software with a simple and easy to understand pricing plan.

So Why Choose Provide Chat?

Simply put, because it's the easiest system out there to use at a very competive price.

Sure, there are other products out there that are loaded with all sorts of crazy bells and whistles, but often those products are overly complex. Many have features added without much thought of how to make them intuitive to use. With Provide Chat you get an extremely solid foundation that does its core purpose extremely well, and that's chatting with your customers.

As new features are added, they're thoughtfully put in to make sure the product remains free from bloat. Also, one of the benefits of being a Provide Chat customer, new features will instantly be made available to your account, and you'll get the full service at the same great price. So while other site owners will be paying $30 or more per user, you'll continue to get new, well planned features at a highly competitive and affordable price.

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