12 Reasons to Choose Us

There are a lot of live chat software companies on the internet that want your business. We want to earn your business. Here are 12 reasons why you should choose us.

1. 100% Free Live Chat Software

We bear all the responsibility no matter what, so you don't have to risk anything. Sign up now for Provide Chat, it's feature packed and 100% free. If Provide Chat isn't everything that you hoped it to be, just close your account. It's that simple!

2. Free Setup

If you don't want to set up Provide Chat on your website have us do it for you. Sign up now for your 14 day free trial, fill out the free set up form and we'll take care of the rest.

3. Smarter

Provide Chat is the smarter choice, whether you're comparing prices, features, ease of use, the people behind the product, and more.

4. Simpler

With an extremely simple set up process you'll be going in now time. In fact, it's so easy to use there's no learning curve. Your agent can just log in and begin using the software, without any special training or technical knowledge.

5. Single Agent Use is Free

If you plan to use Provide Chat for only one agent, you get every feature the program has on offer for free. If you need more agents just pay $15 for every extra one you need.

6. Great Customer Service by Real People

We really care about the service we offer. If you run into any problems you can count on us to do anything and everything we can to help you resolve it.

7. Free Updates and New Features

You'll never have to upgrade or purchase another live chat program. New features and updates are included as part of your subscription.

8. Platform Independent

Provide Chat is designed to work with the most popular browsers and most popular operating systems. You never have to worry about having a specific system or set up. Whether you're using Firefox or IE, Mac or Windows, Provide Chat will run flawlessly on your system (whatever it may be).

9. Unrivaled Customization

You can easily customize Provide Chat so it matches the look and feel of your website. Customize your buttons, text links, chat widget color, greeting messages, language, and anything else to work with the design of your site, brand of your company, or your corporate identity.

10. No Software to Download

Unlike other live chat software, all you need is a browser to start chatting with customers. Simply login and chat.

11. Privacy Policy

We use the most advanced technology available to ensure your personal information is kept secure. We will never sell, trade, or rent your personal information to anyone, ever.

12. Quality Product

Provide Chat works, it looks great and is professionally designed and tested. When you use Provide Chat you can be sure it will deliver. We stand behind our work.

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