Meet the Team


Without any funding or loans, Provide Chat has grown into the live chat software alternative for thousands of websites across the world. Provide Chat continues to grow, led by the two founder's obsessive focus on innovation and the simple idea of giving customers what they want at a price they can afford.

Luke Holzken

Co-founder & Product Manager

Luke oversees the marketing and product management for Provide Chat. He's constantly communicating with customers, gathering feedback and finding ways to incorporate that feedback into new feature ideas. He also designed and developed the Provide Chat website, contributes his expertise to the Provide Chat blog, and looks for ways to further grow Provide Chat's business.

Luke is in charge of all online marketing ventures and product positioning. This includes corporate communications, public relations, media buys, customer strategy, social media, and SEO. He finds writing about himself in the 3rd person rather strange.

Derek Barber

Co-founder & Senior Developer

Derek is the technical mastermind behind Provide Chat's development. He's a seasoned web programmer (PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, MySQL, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, and more) and manages all of Provide Chat's coding and feature development. Not only that, Derek also oversees all quality assurance and is regularly reviewing Provide Chat's bug tracking tools and repairing any problems that arise.

Derek is always on top of the latest trends and emerging technologies, constantly on the look out for any new libraries or breakthroughs in online development that can differentiate Provide Chat from its competitors.

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