Mission & Values

Our mission & values are the core principles we turn to when faced with adversity. Like a compass is to a sailor, we turn to these core values to guide us through our most difficult decisions.


To focus exclusively on live chat and make the best live chat app available. To continually deliver an insanely great, ground-breaking service that sets the standards for others to aspire to. To provide a service that our customers rave about and a work environment to which people look forward to each and every day.

1. People Before Profits

Building strong relationships has a value that can't be measured in dollars. We put our relationships first. We are always honest about what our products can do. We would rather turn someone away, and build a lasting relationship, than try to sell them a service that doesn't meet their needs.

2. Customer Driven

We listen to our customers, there feedback is tantamount to our success. Our customers understand what works and what doesn't, and often know what's truly needed to take our product to the next level. Having an open line of communication with our customers is a key driver for our success.

3. Peace Whenever Possible

When faced with confrontation we'll make every effort possible to come to a peaceful solution. Never one to burn bridges, we aim to resolve any conflicts in our business, knowing we've done everything we can to make a customer happy with the service we offer, and provide new features that don't stray from the mission of the product.

4. Continuous, Never Ending Improvement

As a company we strive to constantly improve. To grow and develop. To look at what we've achieved and become more than what we already are. To make things better, whether that's the workplace, our commitment to our customers, or the product we offer..

5. Doing Things Right

Our goal is to be a stand-up business. We'll never give in to a flavour of the month business practice just because, or eagerly accept an outside idea if goes against our values. Our reputation as an honest player in the community is important to our success.

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