Close More Sales

In an age where people can get instant answers through Google or Wikipedia, people expect their sales questions to be answered immediately. Provide Chat gives your site visitors answers to their questions on the spot, in real-time. This increases the likelihood of having a customer purchase from you rather than a competitor who takes 24 hours to answer.

How Provide Chat Helps You

  • Close more sales. Visitors who contact you using Provide Chat are 3 times more likely to purchase than other site visitors.
  • Prevent shopping cart abandonment or losing a lead through an uncompleted sale by helping customers at their point of need.
  • Guide your customers through the sales process, making it easier and more likely for your customer to complete a purchase.

Higher Conversions

Your new website is live, you've set up your online advertising, your site is optimized for the major search engines. So why are your visitors not buying?

If you're not offering a live chat service on your site it's as if your website is closed for business. Provide Chat will instantly increase your customer's confidence, knowing you're there to help them and answer any questions before or after the sale.

Instant Response

Vodafone's 2010 Critical Response Time Index survey shows that 27% of business people expect a response from a prospective supplier within an hour. A recent study at MIT noted the odds of contacting a lead is 100 times greater if responded within 5 minutes versus 30 minutes.

This means the faster you respond, the better chance you have of closing a sale. Your site visitors demand answers, and Provide Chat allows you to give your visitors answers faster than your competitors.

The Features You Need

Provide Chat has the tools to make it easy for you to close more sales. Whether that's selectively inviting a visitor to chat who's actively browsing your website or being able to provide an immediate answer to their questions, with Provide Chat you close more sales.

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