Product Overview

Provide Chat is the simplest live chat application you'll ever use. Get started now, your agents will be up and running, answering your visitors' questions in no time.


  1. Current Chats: This is a list of your current onging chats.
  2. Waiting to Chat: This is a list of visitors currently waiting for a chat to be accpeted by you. Simply click "Accept" to start a conversation with your visitor.
  3. Current Visitors: These are the people currently visiting your site. You can invite them to chat with you.
  4. Current Chat: This is the chat correspondence of your currently selected chat.
  5. Write a Reply: Just enter in your message and click send, your visitor will receive it instantly.
  6. Select an Open Chat: Click on a tab to select one of your ongoing open chats.
  7. Visitor's Information: Here you can see detailed information related to the visitor you are currently chatting with.

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